Smiledirectclub launches at-home teeth straightening in the UK

Smiledirectclub officially launches in the UK today, with its aim to make straightening teeth more affordable and accessible. It is opening with nine shops across London, Manchester and Birmingham. Well Pharmacy has also partnered with Smiledirectclub to offer four ‘Smileshops’ within its pharmacies. ‘We believe everyone deserves a smile they love,’ says Alex Fenkell, co-founder of Smiledirectclub. ‘Our mission is to help people unleash the power of their smile and positively impact their place in the world. ‘The confidence that comes from having a great smile is transformative to every aspect of your life. ‘Through our groundbreaking teledentistry platform, we’re giving more people access to affordable smile care. ‘The time is right to expand our mission to the UK






Author: Judy Wright

This more traditional concept of natural things which can still be found today implies a distinction between the natural and the artificial, with the artificial being understood as that which has been brought into being by a human consciousness or a human mind.

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