US dietitians & their monopoly on dietary advice

Executive summary Please login to view this content Introduction When you receive this, I will be on the plane on the way back from Madison, Wisconsin. I was delighted to be invited to speak at the CrossFit Health conference on Wednesday 31st July (along with Peter Goetze, Gary Taubes, David Diamond, Uffe Ravnskov and Dominic D’Agostino) and then to attend the legendary CrossFit games, which took place from Thursday 1st until Sunday 4th August. I was at the games strictly as an observer – just watching the competitors is exhausting! CrossFit Health was created by CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman, as an exploration of “The Mess” we currently find ourselves in. My brief for the presentation was to read an article that describes “The Mess” and to see






Author: Judy Wright

This more traditional concept of natural things which can still be found today implies a distinction between the natural and the artificial, with the artificial being understood as that which has been brought into being by a human consciousness or a human mind.

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