The same difference

Kevin Lewis warns how commoditisation is the greatest threat to the future of UK dentistry and we are unsure where things are going. The internet has a lot to answer for. I will refrain from calling it (and anything that flows from it) ‘new technology’ simply on the basis it didn’t exist back in the day when my fellow baby boomers and I were dependent on ‘old technology’. And anyway, my go-to expert on these things, Paul Redmond, assures me anything that is around while you are growing up, is not even ‘technology’, let alone ‘new technology’. It’s just ‘stuff’. Paul has a sure-fire generational acid test for one’s relationship with technology. You fail the test if you ever refer to possessing a ‘mobile phone’,






Author: Judy Wright

This more traditional concept of natural things which can still be found today implies a distinction between the natural and the artificial, with the artificial being understood as that which has been brought into being by a human consciousness or a human mind.

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