22 Keto Air Fryer Recipes

A special thanks to Courtney Hamilton at Paleohacks.com for today’s keto recipe roundup. Cook up keto-friendly meat, veggies, chips, and fries in a snap with the air fryer! The air fryer works similar to a convection oven, and it’s becoming every bit as ubiquitous as the crock pot. It’s a must-have kitchen appliance for when you want to save time while making healthier meals—which you’ll definitely want when you’re on the keto diet. One of the best parts of using an air fryer is the ability to make deliciously crispy recipes like onion rings or fish sticks—but without any grease. If you’re new to keto or the air fryer (or both), these 22 recipes for appetizers, sides, healthy snacks, and mains are a great

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Author: Judy Wright

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