Lefthandedness genes change the way the brain develops

A new study has discovered four genes related to left-handedness, and the associated differences in the way the brain is organized. About a tenth of people are left-handed, making this a not uncommon trait. However, the new findings point to greater verbal fluency with this alternate version of the brain, compared to right-handedness.

From http://besthealthnews.com/2019/09/lefthandedness-genes-change-the-way-the-brain-develops/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=lefthandedness-genes-change-the-way-the-brain-develops


From https://jamesjohnson10.blogspot.com/2019/09/lefthandedness-genes-change-way-brain.html


From https://judywright2.blogspot.com/2019/09/lefthandedness-genes-change-way-brain.html

Author: Judy Wright

This more traditional concept of natural things which can still be found today implies a distinction between the natural and the artificial, with the artificial being understood as that which has been brought into being by a human consciousness or a human mind.

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